Hello, I am Luc Martrenchar. I am a psychologist specializing in the detection of giftedness and in therapy for people with High Potential. I also created this website. Here are a few books that help to master the talent that is High Emotional Potential (HEP) and to use it in a fulfilling way. You are HEP and you would like to live a more fulfilled life? Read, read and read more!

#5 Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity

High Emotional Potential books

HEP people are often very sensitive. Psychotherapist Imi Lo's Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity gives advice on how to manage and use one's hypersensitivity, (hyper-)empathy and emotional intelligence to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. In order to face difficult professional and personal situations, to fully use your resilience, to discover how to appeal to your intuition and to deal with emotional flooding, here is the most interesting book on hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity is not a mental disorder, far from it, and it can become a strength, an extraordinary asset!

#4 I think too much

High Emotional Potential books

In I think too much, Christel Petitcollin writes about a source of suffering for many people with High Potential: the fact that they think a lot and it does not stop. I have heard so many HEP people tell me "it's like there's absolutely no Off button"! Their arborescent thinking is often accompanied by hyperemotivity. Many gifted people therefore feel caught up in a torrent of thoughts and emotions that seems unstoppable to them. You will find in this book concrete solutions to better manage your brain, or at least learn how to leave the torrent of thoughts and emotions to go to the shore...

#3 The Highly Sensitive Person's Guide to Dealing with Toxic People

High Emotional Potential books

High Emotional Potential people are a target for narcissists and self-centered individuals who seek to exploit them for their own gain. Shahida Arabi's The Highly Sensitive Person's Guide to Dealing with Toxic People is an interesting tool to identify manipulation tactics and toxic or narcissistic abuse as early as possible. This book is essential for the well-being of HEP people.

#2 The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius

High Emotional Potential books

Even if Mary-Elaine Jacobsen's The gifted adult is written primarily for people with High Intellectual Potential, it is also a great tool to use the talent that is High Emotional Potential in a very fulfilling way!

#1 Emotional Intelligence

High Emotional Potential books

As of today, Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence remains the reference guide on emotional intelligence, this form of intelligence which is particularly high in HEP people. Daniel Goleman has shown that when used well, emotional intelligence is the best predictor of achievement and success - much more so than intelligence quotient (cognitive intelligence)! This book helps to master the talent that is High Emotional Quotient so that it becomes a real gift, a powerful strength!

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