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Personality tests

After an interview and an intelligence test (for young children, children and adolescents, or adults), psychological assessment goes on with personality tests. The choice of the tests is based on the age of the person and the questions this person asks.

Personality tests

Personality tests for children

With children, the personality tests that are the most interesting are the Rorschach, the CAT and Black Paw.

Personality tests for adults

With adults, the tests that are the most reliable are the Rorschach, the TAT, the MMPI and the NEO-PI.

More specific tests

The choice of the tests which are used also depends on the questions the psychological assessment will answer. Thus, usual questions include: Does my child have autism? Does my child suffer from Asperger Syndrome? Am I bipolar? Do I have dyspraxia? Do I have ADHD? For each of these questions, there are specific tests. Sometimes, neuropsychological factors also need to be investigated with tests such as the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure test.