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Can IQ be improved?
Cognitive remediation therapy

Can IQ be improved? Cognitive remediation therapy (or Cognitive enhancement therapy

IQ changes throughout life

IQ can change significantly throughout life. This goes against the traditionally shared idea that IQ remains more or less the same during a life course. Yet if IQ tends to stabilize after adolescence, it is still likely to vary substantially. Beyond the common-sense ways, such as performing activities that maintain or increase short term and long term memory, attentional abilities, reasoning and visual-spatial abilities, it is possible to work to increase one's IQ score with a specialized professional.

Cognitive remediation therapy

Thus, when there is a gap between some abilities and some others, it can be recommended to reduce this gap, so that global intelligence may be reinforced. The increase in IQ also leads to better general adjustment (at school, work, in the everyday life, etc.).

Psychological assessment is a prerequisite

To be able to start cognitive remediation therapy, it is necessary to make a psychological assessment, in order to highlight the intellectual and psychological profile of the person.

How much can one boost IQ?

Subsequently, cognitive remediation therapy (also called cognitive enhancement therapy) will usually set up an increase of 20 IQ points on average over a period of 18 months. The frequency is usually one session per week. No additional work is needed between sessions.