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Who asks for a psychological assessment?

Who asks for a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment for oneself or for one's child

Psychological assessment helps understand one's psychological, intellectual and cognitive functioning. Adults usually ask for a psychological assessment for themselves. Psychological assessments for children are usually asked by their parents.

A request from a professional

Whatever the age, the request also often comes from professionals, psychotherapists, psychomotor therapists, teachers, psychiatrists, judges, or intitutions such as schools or institutions responsible for adoption or placement of children.

A few examples

In cases where the request comes from a third party, it may be, for example:

- A request to understand the intellectual functioning of a child, his or her memory, capacity for abstraction or conceptualization,

Who asks for it?

- A request to better understand the psychological and personality type a patient has in order to better help him,

- A request for psychological evaluation in the context of a trial,

- A way to determine if people wishing to adopt can become good enough parents (for example, a psychological assessment is asked from people who want to adopt in Colombia),

- A request to know if repeating a year or skipping a year would be a good thing for a child, given his intelligence, his personality and his maturity.