Why a psychological evaluation?

A psychological evaluation has several functions:

It enables self-discovery

It allows everyone - children, adolescents, adults - to get to know the characteristics of their intelligence, to explore the different facets of their personality and of their cognitive functioning. If a person faces personal difficulties, psychological assessment provides specific ways to go beyond these difficulties.

Why a psychological evaluation?

It enables to identify intellectual giftedness

Sometimes, the question is: is my child gifted? Or am I an intellectually gifted adolescent or adult? Hypersensitivity, the feeling that there is a substantial gap with others or an important creativity are signs of giftedness. Psychological assessment helps find the most appropriate means so that giftedness can become a source of fulfillment.

It enables to understand what is at stake with a child

With children, it is a tool that really helps understand the behaviors that preoccupy parents. For example, a psychological assessment with a child experiencing learning difficulties provides essential information about what inhibits academic success and how to fix his or her difficulties.

It supports different requests

In many requests, such as the adoption of a child (as in Colombia) or the proposition to repeat a year or to skip a year, psychological assessment is an essential additional information to support the process.