An emotional and personality assessment is similar to a complete psychological assessment, but it does not include an IQ test. It includes an interview, emotional intelligence tests and personality tests.

Haut Potentiel Émotionnel

Emotional assessment Discover : The High Emotional Potential Screening Test

What is evaluated with an emotional and personality assessment?

Here are the main elements which are assessed:

  • The presence of a High Emotional Potential (HEP),
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ score),
  • Creative intelligence,
  • Personality,
  • If you are hypersensitive,
  • The diagnosis of a possible mental disorder,
  • The presence of a form of neurodivergence,
  • What will allow you to grow and feel as fulfilled as can be in the future.

What are the main steps of an emotional and personality assessment?

The initial session lasts around 2 hours and the debriefing session, during which you get a detailed written report, can happen a few days later.

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Advantage of an emotional and personality assessment

These 2 consultations can be online sessions.

A first step to discover if you are gifted

Online HEP Screening Test (HEPST)

HEP is a form of giftedness characterized by exceptional emotional skills. This test determines the probability that you have HEP.

Gifted Child Screening Test

This test is intended for parents of a child or adolescent who exhibits certain characteristics of giftedness. It determines if having her/him take a test is indicated.

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