What is High Intellectual Potential?

There is High Intellectual Potential (HIP) when someone's cognitive intelligence score is extremely high, much higher than the average. It is a kind of intellectual giftedness characterised by highly developped cognitive skills. High Intellectual Potential is detected thanks to an IQ test: the WAIS-IV for adults, the WISC-V for children and teenagers, and the WPPSI-IV for young children.

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High Intellectual Potential (HIP)

Which IQ score is necessary to be HIP?

For someone to have a High Intellectual Potential (HIP), they usually need an IQ score greater than or equal to 130 - among the highest 2.3%. However, it is possible to lose a few points during the IQ test, because of fatigue, stress, taking certain medications or a mental disorder. Because of this, the intelligence quotient score of an HIP person may be somewhat lower than 130. An emotional and personality assessment may therefore be necessary to detect HIP, in the rare cases where the IQ score is too close to 130.

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