An online screening test

This screening can be done online. Until recently, there was no reliable questionnaire / pre-test to determine how likely it is that you have Asperger's syndrome or another form of ASD. But Luc MARTRENCHAR now proposes a questionnaire which makes it possible to obtain the probability that you have Asperger's syndrome. The questionnaire is here. The detailed analysis of your answers by a psychologist specialized in the detection of ASD makes this screening precise and high quality. Your answers will be analyzed in detail by Luc MARTRENCHAR and he will send you a response with his expert opinion, the probability that you have Asperger's syndrome / ASD and an action plan with what to do next.

3 steps

  1. Press the "Buy" button below and pay 49€ by credit card or via Paypal.
  2. Answer the questions (25 questions) in no more than the equivalent of 4 Word pages. The questionnaire is here.
  3. Send your answers in the text of an e-mail or as an attachment (Word, pdf or any other format) to and you will get your result in no more than 24 hours (even on Sundays and public holidays).
Asperger's Syndrome Screening Test - 49€

Please note that the Asperger's Syndrome Screening Test does not provide an official diagnosis, it provides the probability of having ASD. In order to get an official diagnosis, a full psychological assessment is needed.

Advantages of the screening test:

  1. Luc Martrenchar spends 50 minutes to an hour analyzing your answers and sends you a written report.
  2. Taking the screening test gives you priority for an appointment for an assessment or tests.
  3. The screening test determines what type of assessment is most recommended for you.

The screening tests

Gifted Child Screening Test

This test is intended for parents of a child or adolescent who exhibits certain characteristics of giftedness. It determines if having her/him take a test is indicated.