The Gifted Child Questionnaire

Answer these questions in no more than 4 Word pages and go here to get your result.

0) How old is your child / teenager? What is her / his name ?

1) Would you say that your child is (very) different from other children / teenagers? In what way?

2) Would you say that your child is very sensitive (emotional sensitivity, sensitivity of certain senses) or even extremely sensitive (easily overwhelmed by emotions)?

3) In particular, is your child sensitive to injustice?

4) Is your child empathetic? In what way / in which situations / with which people (relatives, strangers)?

5) Would you describe her / him as a perfectionist?

6) Would you describe her / him as a curious person? Does she / he get easily bored?

7) Does your child ask lots of questions on various topics? Does she / he asks questions about the meaning of life or death, for example?

8) Does she / he have difficulty accepting authority (from a parent or a teacher, for example)? Is she / he independent?

9) Is your child creative (not just artistic creativity but also ability to think outside the box)?

10) Is she / he doing good at school? Does she / he have an aptitude for certain subjects? If yes, which ones? Are some subjects complicated for her / him? If yes, which ones?

11) Did she / he experience any difficulties outside of school?

12) Could she / he speak, read or count at an early age?

13) Does she / he have a good memory? Feel free to give an example.

14) Does she / he have good or bad self-esteem?

15) Is she / he comfortable with people older than her / him? Does she / he seek their company?

16) Do other people in her / his family have a High Potential / intellectual giftedness?

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Please note that the Gifted Child Screening Test does not provide an official diagnosis. In order to get an official diagnosis, an evaluation is required which includes taking the WISC-V if your child is at least 6 years old or the WPPSI-IV if your child is less than 6 years old.