HEP questionnaire

High Emotional Potential Screening Questionnaire

Answer these questions in no more than 4 Word pages and go here to get your result.

0) How old are you?

1) Do you feel very different from other people? 2) In what way? 3) Has this always been the case?

4) Would you describe yourself as a very sensitive person (emotional sensitivity and/or sensory sensitivity), or even extremely sensitive (easily overwhelmed by your emotions)? 5) Do certain situations make you feel strong emotions? 6) In particular, are you sensitive to injustice?

7) Do you find it relatively easy to understand other people's emotions?

8) Do you expect positive things to happen to you in life?

9) Can you tell how other people feel by looking at their face? 10) Can you tell how other people feel just from listening to the tone of their voice?

11) Can you figure out why your mood changes?

12) Is it important for you to try to do things as well as you can, or even better and better?

13) Do you feel like you think a lot? 14) Do your thoughts often run wild? 15) Do you feel that one thought can generate several thoughts, which in turn can generate several other thoughts?

16) Are you looking for activities that make you happy?

17) Do you easily feel other people's emotions?

18) Is it important for you to contribute to the well-being of others?

19) Do you feel that you understand things intuitively?

20) Do you understand the other people's non-verbal messages? 21) Are you aware of the non-verbal messages you send to others?

22) When you are in a good mood, is it easy for you to find solutions to problems, and to come up with new ideas?

23) Do you easily recognize your emotions when you experience them?

24) How easy is it for you to motivate yourself to do things? 25) How easy is it for you to motivate other people?

26) Do you enjoy sharing your emotions with other people?

27) Is feeling emotions something you particularly enjoy in life?

28) Do you know quite easily why your emotions change?

29) How are your relationships with others (all types of relationships)?

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Please note that the High Emotional Potential Screening Test does not provide an official diagnosis, it provides the probability of having HEP. In order to get an official diagnosis, a complete emotional and personality assessment is needed.