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Intelligence test for adults: the WAIS-IV

Intelligence test for adults

What is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV?

The WAIS-IV is the intelligence test for adults (or adolescents above 16 years of age) which has the greatest scientific validity. It is used to know the characteristics of an adult's intelligence and if that person is intellectually gifted (for this, personality tests are sometimes needed too).

10 core subtests to evaluate every aspect of intelligence

The WAIS-IV includes 10 core subtests. These subtests are summed to four indexes (the Verbal Comprehension Index, the Perceptual Reasoning Index, the Working Memory Index and the Processing Speed Index) and one Full Scale IQ, which ranges from 40 to 160.

Is there a scientifically valid IQ test for people under 16 years old?

The intelligence test for children and adolescents is the WISC-V. The version for young children (under 6 years of age) is the WPPSI-IV.

Completion time

A maximum of 2 hours are usually need for a short interview and the completion of the WAIS-IV. The next day or later, there is a feedback interview during which a written report with the IQ score, the indexes and an analysis of cognitive functioning is provided.